Wolverhampton Volunteers is part of Wolverhampton Voluntary & Community Action. As a part of WVCA we share its aim to strengthen communities and community groups in Wolverhampton, and improve quality of life for the most vulnerable people in our society.

Our aims are to:

Make it as easy as possible for any Wolverhampton resident aged 18 or over to volunteer and to help local voluntary and community organisations get access to the right volunteers. If you are under 18 we are not funded to support you, however you can access a list of under 18 Duke of Edinburgh Award approved volunteer opportunities here.*

*Please be aware this is an external link and we are not responsible for its content.

What is a volunteer?

Someone who gives their time freely for the benefit of others.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone because no payment is involved it does not affect anyone’s status or benefits.

What can volunteers do?

We have a wide range of opportunities available and they change all the time. From befriending to mentoring or charity shops to fundraising, or volunteering in local heritage projects, we will do our best to find something suitable for you!

To find out more go to either our For Volunteers or For Organisations pages.