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Hope Community Project

Volunteer Play Leader

Opportunity : Volunteer Play Leader
Hope Community Project offers the opportunity for a play worker to work within a parent and child/toddler group. The parents in the group will also be doing training within some of these sessions.
Main tasks
• Ability to be able to lead the group/participate in training sessions
• Set up room with parents
• Work directly with parents and child to promote play
• Help /Encourage parents to tidy and clear after sessions
Requirements: Must be over 18 years of age , Have or be willing to complete play worker qualification/training , Adhere to Hope Community policies and procedures at all times especially with regard to safeguarding vulnerable people. Complete online safeguarding training. Be approachable, mindful and non-judgemental. A commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices.
Location: 40 Ling House ,Health Town ,WV10 0HH
Hours: Monday 9:30-11:30
Expenses: Yes
DBS: Yes
We celebrate the diversity of society and are striving to promote and reflect that diversity within our organisation.

All Saints Action Network (ASAN)

Warm Space Volunteer
Opportunity: Warm Space Volunteer-All Saints Community Centre
Assisting the All Saints Action Network with running our Warm Spaces on a Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon for 2 hours per session .You will provide a warm empathetic approachable environment. This opportunity will help you develop valuable skills and experience in the low –income people and families in All Saints who may be living in fuel poverty or impacted by the cost of living crisis.
Location: ASAN ,The Workspace All Saints Road ,Wolverhampton WV2 1EL. Some initial training/work experience may take place at other sites in the All Saints local area.
Hours: Minimum commitment of 4 hours per week .Ideally we would like to have you on board until the warm space projects ends .Additional benefits include helping you gain a First Aid qualification after completing 10 session’s .This is an ongoing opportunity for people with an interest in helping improve quality of life.
Expenses: Reasonable travel expenses will be provided for those completing a 4 hours of volunteering per week. The maximum expenses available per week is £10.
This opportunity is available and open to men and women .An induction is provided and ongoing training. Additional volunteering opportunities are available in ASAN

Changing Lives

Female Evening Outreach Volunteer. This role is now Suspended
Opportunity:Evening Outreach Volunteer. Female Volunteers
We need volunteers to support our outreach team by working alongside us on our weekly outreach sessions across Wolverhampton and Walsall .These sessions facilitate and encourage easy access for those with complex needs.
To support the team by engaging with and supporting service users who are involved in or at risk of sexual exploitation, survival sex, sex work and homelessness .To provide support to encourage service users where they are reluctant to engage. To support the team to build professional relationships with partner agencies. To signpost individuals to make best use of local resources and amenities, to make best use of local resources and amenities, to meet their health and welfare needs. To assist in the distribution of food parcels, goody bags, clothing, drinks and snacks etc. To log details of the outreach sessions for reporting purposes.
Requirements: Good communication and listening skills, a caring, sympathetic, sensitive manner and a non-judgemental approach .Ability to remain impartial and offer all different types of recovery support to people. Develop a robust knowledge of all services and options for people to access. Understanding of the complexities some of the individuals may face. Reliable, organised, consistent and have an ability to handle a level of stress and ability to respect and maintain confidentiality.
Location: Meeting and drop off point: The Workspace, All Saints Road, Wolverhampton WV2 1EL .This session is facilitated by car .You will be collected from and dropped off at the named location.
Hours: Required one session a week 7.45pm-11.15 (3.5 hours) Monday or Thursday (Sessions are set to increase so other week day evenings may be required)
Expenses: Yes Travel expense
DBS: Yes
We work with people who are in crisis or need support to overcome serious challenges which can limit their opportunities .We help people develop the skills and self-belief to move past prior experience, change their story and achieve a better future for themselves, their families and their communities

Changing Lives

Female Project Support Volunteer

Opportunity: Female Project Support Volunteer.
Supporting staff and service users to access appropriate services during drop in hours. Also, helping those who have multiple and complex needs.
• Setting up the room
• Making up goody bags
• Greeting service users
• Handing out suppliers and leaflets to the service users
• Signposting service users to appropriate partner agencies
• Showing service users out and signing them out of the building.
Requirements: Communication and listening skills , a caring , sympathetic, sensitive manner and a non-judgmental approach , ability to work in a fast paced environment and be a team player ,ability to adhere to Health and Safety policies and procedures .There is an Induction and training opportunities
Location: Life City Church, Westbury Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1JD
Hours: 3.5 hours Thursday from 6.45pm to 10.15pm
Expenses: Yes Travel expenses
We work with people who are in crisis or need support to overcome serious challenges which limit their opportunities. We help people develop the skills and self-belief to move past prior experience, change their story and achieve a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Beacon Centre

Book Club Volunteer, Fishing Volunteer & Swimming Volunteer

Book Club Volunteer.
Volunteers needed to support a book club. We meet once a month, on a Thursday at Beacon Centre Sedgley. You will need to have an interest in reading and be comfortable communicating with people and supporting with providing refreshments. It is a very relaxed and enthusiastic group with a great passion for reading.
Fishing Volunteers.
We currently fish once a month on a Wednesday .Our volunteers need to be confident in handing fish and bait and just generally supporting our members. It is a very relaxed role at Albright on Fishing Moat .All equipment is provided.
Swimming Volunteers.
Volunteers needed to help support our members from the minibus to the centre, assist them round the changing rooms and to the lockers and guide them to the poolside. You have the option whether you want to go into the pool or not .There is always a qualified swimming instructor in the pool. You are not expected to teach anyone to swim .You not expected to help anyone get changed .all members are independent but need support getting round a new environment.
Book Club Volunteer: Beacon Centre Sedgley
Fishing Volunteer: Albrighton , NR Wolverhampton WV7 3FL
Swimming Volunteer: Bert William Centre ,Bilston ,WV14 OEF
Book Club Volunteer: First Thursday each month 11am-12pm
Fishing Volunteer: 11am -2pm Third Wednesday of each month
Swimming Volunteer: Second Wednesday &Fourth Monday of each month
Expenses: Yes
DBS: An enhanced DBS check and two references will be required for these roles.
We are dedicated to helping people with sight loss live a fuller more independent life .We work across all sectors to support people in their own homes and out in their communities.

Hope Community Project

Community Connector

Opportunity: Community Connector
The role is a community based role, working in the community alongside staff and volunteers. The Community connector will be able to speak to people face to face and be able to listen to the needs within the community.
This role requires the applicant to complete all necessary training, this will be provide free of charge. Reporting to Supervisor responsibilities are :
• Outreach work, within the community
• To keep accurate and up to date records
• Connect community needs with services
• Undertake appropriate training and keep up date with local community needs
Requirements:Empathetic, non-judgmental and a good listener. Able to relate to a wide range of people .Good communication skills both verbal and written .Willing to learn new skills. Understand the importance of confidentiality .Methodical. Ability to work with a wide range of people from different cultures. Able to speak a community language. Be honest and act with integrity. Appreciate the importance of working within policies and procedures. Able to stay objective and avoid becoming personally involved, maintaining professional boundaries. Be a team player. A commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices
Location : 40 Ling House, Heath Town, WV10 0HH
Hours: Flexible
Expense: TBC
DBS: Applications for this position are subject to satisfactory references.
This role involves walking and door knocking. Alongside specific training for this role the volunteer will need to do training in both safeguarding and health and safety relevant to the role. Hopes policies and procedures must be adhered to in regards to GDPR and Confidentiality.
We celebrate the diversity of society and are striving to promote and reflect that diversity with our organisation.

Hub For Grub

Hospitality Assistant

Opportunity: Hospitality Assistant
To support the hub with food preparation and distribution within the organisation. To support with the effective running of the hub, including refreshments and setting up café area.
Main Areas of Responsibility
• Basic food preparation
• Washing up cleaning and clearing all kitchen areas
• Unloading and putting away deliveries
• Emptying all equipment is clean and put away correctly
• Deep cleaning fridges and store rooms to maintain sanitary and kitchen safety standards
Requirements: Requirements/Skills needed Calm natured, approachable, handling cash and card payments confidently .Training will be given including a basic health and safety.
Location: St Albans Church , Ashmore Park WV11 2LJ
St Joseph’s Church Willenhall WV1 2QN
The Lunt Community Centre Bilston WV14 7HF
St Mary Church Willenhall WV13 1DA
St Matthew Church Willenhall WV1 2JQ
Hours: Tuesdays 12pm until 2pm.
Wednesdays 12pm until 2.30 pm
Thursdays 12pm until 2pm
Friday 12pm until 2.30 pm
Expenses: Yes Travel expenses only
DBS: Yes
We take wonky produce and turn it into beautiful meals for the community to take away on a pay as you feel basis. Volunteers will be able to eat on the job or take away the food we are serving on the day .Vegan options will also be available.

MND Association

Community Champion

Opportunity: Do you want to engage with help your local community? Community champions at MND Association will work with local communities to raise awareness of MND and help to reach those people who are not aware of the association’s services. There will be a particular focus will be on engagement with Black ,Asian and minority Ethic (BAME)people, young people /LGBT and Disabled people .
There are a number of ways in which you can get involved for example: Talking with local communities and attending local events. Providing information on issues facing people affected by MND .Increasing the awareness of MND amongst local communities. Building partnerships with local events .Providing information on issues facing people affected by MND. Increasing the awareness of MND amongst local communities. Building partnerships with local groups who can assist in raising awareness and collaboration. Championing diversity within the local branch or group and helping to enhance inclusivity. Working with volunteers and staff to address any activities that make it hard for people to volunteer or use Association service.
Requirements: Have good listening, presentation, networking and communication skills. Digital skills, Language skills, general public engagement .Also included is induction and training.
Location: All across Wolverhampton, Some work could even be done remotely.
Hours: 2 hours per week
Expenses: Yes
We improve care and support for people with MND, their families and carers. We fund and promote research that leads to new understanding and treatments and brings us closer to a cure for MND .We campaign and raise awareness so the needs of people with MND and everyone who cares for them are recognised and addressed by wider society.


Corporate & group volunteering

Volunteer opportunities across head office

Corporate and group volunteering Our corporate volunteering days are a great way to spend time building whilst contributing towards Newlife as a charity and the children and families it supports. We can also provide volunteering opportunities to educational groups looking for something fulfilling to provide their learners with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Various volunteering opportunities across our head office departments
Other volunteering opportunities occasionally come up across different department in our Head Office at Cannock. From administration to supporting our online team, new opportunities are being created in order to give more varied roles for volunteers to experience. If there is a particular area you are interested in, please contact our volunteer team to discuss further.
Location: Head Office : Newlife, Hemlock Way ,Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 7GF
Hours: Open Ended/Flexible: Including Weekends and Evenings
Expenses: Yes
We encourage applications from people with physical or learning disabilities and will make reasonable adjustments so that everyone can enjoy volunteering.
Newlife is the UKs largest charity funder of children’s specialist disability equipment we also run the UKs only national emergency equipment service for terminally ill children.

All Saints Action Network (ASAN)

Wood Saints Depot Volunteer General Handyman /Carpenter/Wood Craftsman

Opportunity: Wood Saints Depot Volunteer-General Handyman /Carpenter/Wood Craftsman
Ideally would suit an individual with carpentry experience and craftsman skills. You will be sorting the wood, de-nailing, cutting off rotten ends and stocking the shop. Keeping the shop clean and tidy, serving the public, cutting wood orders to size and dealing with inquiries –face to face or over the phone. Developing wood working skills to cut, sand, assemble and finish simple products such as shelves, planters and benches.
Some people also get involved with sales, marketing, administration, designing products or any other tasks required to operate a busy and successful small community business.
Although there will be plenty of time to focus on your area of interest we like to train our volunteers to be competent in all aspect of the business.
Location: Wood Saints , Ashford Industrial Estate ,Dixon Street, Wolverhampton WV2 2BX Some initial training /work may take place at the All Saints offices at the Workspace , All Saints Road ,WV2 1EL
Hours: Minimum commitment of 4 weeks. Additional benefits (discounts, CSCS Card etc.) available to volunteers after completing 10 sessions. There is no maximum period.
Expenses: Reasonable travel expenses for those completing a 4 hour session plus lunch expense for a full day of volunteering. The maximum expenses for this a day is £10
An induction is provided, and training is required to work in various areas of the business. Some external training is provided to longer term volunteers (e.g. CSCS Card). Ongoing toolbox talks and training are provided when working with various pieces of equipment in the workshop.

All Saints Action Network (ASAN)

Community Leader Volunteer

Opportunity: Community Leader Volunteer –The Workspace-All Saints Community Centre
Assisting the Head of Operations, Nursery Manger, Community Engagement Officers or All Saints Cafe with any other tasks, duties or projects required to operate a busy and successful social enterprise and charity .There will be plenty of time to focus on your area of interest as we like to train our volunteers to be competent in aspects of the business. You can choose your area of interest from the start.
Location: ASAN, The workspace-All Saints Road, Wolverhampton, WV2 1EL .Some initial training /Work experience may take place at other sites in the All Saints local area.
Hours: Minimum commitment of 4 weeks .Ideally we would like to have you on board for at least 12-26 weeks .Additional benefits include First Aid, Food Hygiene qualifications available to volunteer after completing 10 sessions. This is an ongoing opportunity
Expenses: Reasonable travel expenses for those completing a 4 hour session plus lunch expenses for a full day of volunteering. The maximum expenses for this day is £10
DBS: Yes –paid for by ASAN
An induction is provided and training is required to work in various areas of the charity. Accredited training is provided to longer term volunteers who have a passion for improving the local community (e.g. First Aid, Food Hygiene, Other). Ongoing training is provided when working

CT Transport .

Social Interaction Facilitator

Opportunity: Supporting CT staff on the ‘Lets Chat’ project to meet and greet with members of the public, offer them tea and coffee and generally be willing and able to sit down and chat with people , offer them a friendly eat and with Training, be able to signpost them to other services that third party partners are offering . These activities are taking place in three ways:
Mobile Unit –A number of our minibuses are being converted, to allow space for chairs and table, a place to make hot beverages and information boards containing information about local service .Across the week these mobile units will visit a number of pre-determined places within the local community and park up for a number of hours, allowing members of the public to come on board, meet people and speak with representatives from several organisations offering their services. The purpose of this project is to reduce loneliness and Isolation for local residents. We are looking for volunteers to join us and participate in this project by meeting people and providing a friendly ear to listen and to join in conversation. The same service is being offered in static bus station buildings and generally across our Passenger Service.
Requirements: Friendly outgoing, sympathetic, a good listener.
Location: The project is set across three main areas, which are Coventry, Mid-Birmingham and the Black Country .The Black country will encompass Wolverhampton, Dudley and Sandwell.
The mobile units will travel around the Black Country on set days
Station sites in Dudley and West Bromwich .Our Passenger service locations vary.
Hours: The Lets Chat project is operational between Monday-Saturday and the hours of 08.30-6.30pm.
Expenses: Yes Out of pocket travel expense will be paid.
DBS: Yes
There will be induction and Training on certain elements to assist with the role. Specific Training to be determined

Eye Can.

Activities Volunteer

Supporting members on Activities.
Sighted Guide: Assisting members on wellbeing walks.
Bowling Assistant: Being a sighted guide/bringing the bowling balls to members and taking them to the lane. Offering encouragement and being as descriptive as possible to support members at the bowling alley to aim in the correct direction in order to hit all the pins.
Shooting Range: We require volunteers to assist and load pellets. Training will be provided by the shooting range. Need to offer guidance and assistance to members with the sound and laser equipment used. A copy of the league rules will be given to volunteers to assist our member should they want to participate in the winter shooting league. Need to be patient and offer our members encouragement. Score cards, and results will be given out at the end by relevant staff. Training will be provide at the Shooting range.
Tennis: We require sighted guides to team up with groups and individuals to offer encouragement , build confidence in the sport, be patient, support with set up and packing away , collecting balls, being descriptive with our members and having a general friendly encouraging approach.
Requirements: Someone that is active. Has a friendly and encouraging approach and someone that may have worked with people with disabilities previously would be an advantage. It is important to be descriptive as possible to prove our members with the relevant support when participating in activities .Induction and training provided.
Location: Bantock Park , Bentley Bridge , Wolverhampton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club
Hours: Sighted Guide: Wellbeing Walks Bantock Park every Wednesday 11-1pm until the end of August.
Bowling : Every other Thursday 12:30-2:30pm Bentley Bridge
Shooting Range: Every other Tuesday 10-1:30pm Aldersley Stadium
Tennis : Every other Thursday 1:30-2:30pm Wolverhampton Tennis & Squash club
Expenses: No .This is be reviewed later down the line.
DBS: No Volunteers will be interviewed
Promoting opportunities and creating positive experience for those with sight loss through the use of activities and events.

West Midlands Community Homes .(WMUCH) Trustee/Board Member

Trustee/Board Member closing date 19th August 2022
Our Directors are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of WMUCH.
Opportunity: As a member of our board, you will be expected to: (a) Contribute actively in providing strategic direction to WMUCH, agreeing policy, goals, targets and evaluating performance (b) Ensure WMCH is an efficient organisation that delivers our desired impact, (c) Ensure that our values and vision are upheld in all of the decisions and decision-making processes of the board.
Requirements: We are especially looking for people with skills in the following areas: (1) Finance , particularly development finance, (2) Land and planning, (3) Experience of different housing markets: experience of private, commercial, social or community led would all be welcome. Applications from members of community led organisations or people with community development background would be particularly welcome.
We don’t have training, but new board members will have an induction.
Location: n/a meeting held via Zoom
Hours: Meetings are held during the working week (daytime’s, 9-6pm) We are looking for at least 1 year’s commitment, ideally longer.
Expenses: Yes No restrictions
Our vision is to see 5% of homes built in the West Midlands by 2031 to be community led and to see an increase in community control of existing homes in order to build strong and successful neighbourhoods. West Midlands Urban Homes (WMUCH) provides knowledge and expertise to inspire and support new groups who want to bring community led homes to their area.

West Caribbean Parent&Friends Association Activities Co-Ordinator

Opportunity: Duties include: Open the building and set up table and chairs. Make tea and coffee .Do gentle exercise .Coordinate activities e.g. organise trips and attendance at different events .Organise guest speakers on relevant topics such as health issues .Keep in touch with elders who are not able to attend .Do arts and crafts.
Requirements: People person and some experience of working with the elderly, Coordinating activities and Exercise instructor .There is also an induction & training provided
Location: St Andrews Church Hall. St Andrews Close Whitmore Reans Wolverhampton WV6 OAA
Hours: Wednesday 11am to 1pm
Expenses: Yes Bus fares and travel costs if attending trips and /or events with the elders groups will be paid.
DBS: Yes
The Association established over 50 years ago continues to serve the local community by promoting cultural, inter generational working and lifelong learning. Through its Elders Group it provides an environment where people can socialise to improve the health and wellbeing and reduce isolation for elderly residents in Wolverhampton.

RSPB Sandwell ,Site checks & maintenance volunteer

Opportunity:This role can vary from site to site but can include the following: Talking to members of the public about the reserve and the wildlife they might see. Checking paths, fences and benches and reporting any issues. Litter picking. Checking livestock. Reporting inappropriate behaviour. Checking/replacing signage .Reporting back to the site team.
Requirements: Excellent attention to detail. Good people skills including diplomacy. Problem solving.
We will provide the equipment, training and any uniform needed for you to complete the role.
Location:Tanhouse Avenue, Great Barr ,B43 5AG
The RSPB is the country’s largest nature conservation charity inspiring everyone to give nature a home .Volunteer enable us to carry out our work to benefit wildlife

Livin Lives : Womens Group Assistant

Volunteer needed to assist group leader with coffee mornings and women’s group sessions.
Opportunity : Tasks include preparing and serving refreshments, meet and greet ladies as they arrive, display paperwork and information needed for sessions, participate in most group sessions where possible.
Groups sessions include Mother support sessions, Health and Well being, Arts & Crafts and more which will be discussed at interview.
Requirements: A friendly, empathetic, caring, good listener, none-judgemental and patient person would be ideal for this position.
Location: Low Hill Community Hub, Kempthorne Avenue, Wolverhampton WV10 9JJ.
Hours: Fridays 11.00am -3.00pm
Expenses : Yes Travel Expenses only.
DBS: Yes.
There will be an induction and volunteers will be supported with training in order to fulfill their role effectively and to work safely

Hope Community Project Summer Cook

Hope Community Project will be offering a summer school holiday community cafe service (Breaking Bread) to children/residents in the community. We need volunteer cooks to support this service. That’s where you can make a difference, cooking and preparing food.
For the Summer school holidays from Monday 25th July to Friday 19th August. This Role is now suspended
Opportunity:Main Tasks: Plan, prepare and cook a range of food, Rotate cupboard stock to reduce waste. Work within a small team .Are organised and able to give out instructions/directions to others.
Requirements:Must be over 18 years of age .Have some knowledge and experience in cooking .Have a positive attitude and remain calm. Have or be willing to undertake/update a food hygiene qualification. Adhere to Hope Community policies and procedures at all times especially with regard to safeguarding vulnerable people. Be approachable, mindful and non-judgmental. A commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices
Location:40 Ling House, Heath Town WV10 0HH
Hours:Morning sessions 9-1pm
Afternoon sessions 1-4pm
DBS: No only references.
They must undergo training in both safeguarding, health and safety relevant to the role. Hope policies and procedures must be adhered to in regards to GDPR and Confidentiality. We celebrate the diversity and are striving to promote and reflect that diversity within our organisation.

Livin Lives Administration/Peer Support

Hope Into Action Black Country Marketing and Fundraising

Enjoy Wolverhampton BID Friends of the City Volunteer

St Anthony’s Valorum care -Activities Support -Beauty -Gardening -Driver & Outing assistant

Hope Community Project Volunteer Cook /Family Community Café

St John Ambulance Youth Team Member

St John Ambulance Event First Aider

Independent Monitoring Boards HMP Oakwood

West Midlands Police Volunteer Cadet Leader

British Red Cross Customer Service Volunteer

Gloucester Street Community Centre Volunteer Digital Online Mentor

Everyone prosper SDB Driver to drop off food parcels or household items

Wolverhampton Social Prescribing Exercise Buddy

Midland Mencap

Range of Opportunities

City of Wolverhampton Council Wolverhampton Art Gallery- British Art Show 9

SNJ Charitable Trust- Zoom Session Leader

Beacon Centre

Broadmeadow Special School

Hope Community Project

Woodcross Manor Breakfast Club & Playgroup

Wolverhampton Citizens Advice

West Midlands Fire Service

Leonard Cheshire

The Chatty Café Scheme

Flour Power Community Project

Wolverhampton Has Heart

The Haven

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Read Easy: Reading Coach

Canal & River Trust

Lotus Sanctuary

Zebra Access

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide

British Heart Foundation

Citizens Advice – Home Library Service

Wolverhampton Sickle Cell Care

Wolverhampton Church Shelter

Good Shepherd Services

Give Us A Break

Alzec Vision

Gloucester Street Community Centre

Gloucester Street Community Centre

Positive Participation

Starfish Wolverhampton Social Hub

All Saints Action Network (ASAN) – Wood Saints

All Saints Action Network (ASAN)


37th Wolverhampton Sea Scout Group

CT Furniture

CT Passenger


Wolverhampton Youth Offending Team

Aspiring Futures

Aspiring Futures

Citizens Advice


Gatis Community Space

Gatis Community Space

Jubilee Community Support Centre

Jubilee Community Support Centre

Lea Road Community Church



Seventh Day Adventist Church Day Centre



The Way Youth Zone

The Way Youth Zone

The Women & Families Resource Centre

The Women & Families Resource Centre

Victim Support

West Midlands Fire Service

West Midlands Fire Service

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